Cool Down Fire Up - 2022



The World's leading lightweight body cooling vest.

The Arctic Heat Cool Vest is now an integral piece of equipment with most elite sporting bodies, industry workers, doctors and people with Multiple Sclerosis, all around the World.

In fact it is now the World's leading lightweight body cooling vest - being sold throughout North America, Europe, Asia and Australia weighing around 2.2lbs when correctly activated. 

Ice Vests are now a must have item for summer or whenever heat stress is an issue. Arctic Heat Ice Vests and other body cooling products such as cool vests, cooling cap, hot/cold neck wrap, cool towels, hot /cold therapy knee wrap, ankle wrap, thigh wraps, shoulders wraps available for purchase direct from our online store.

The Arctic Heat USA Cooling Vest:
* Reduces skin temperature by up to 30 degrees Fahrenheit while maintaining a stable core temperature
* Delays the onset of dehydration by conserving fluid that would normally be lost through sweating
* Lowers cardiac output towards the skin 
* Allows more blood to be sent back to the muscles resulting in a prolonged high level of performance.
* May stay cold for up to 2 hours

Available in Adult chest sizes from XS 33 inches to 5XL 49 inches and Children chest sizes from 23 inch to 31 inch. Custom size orders also available. Also available in  afire resistant Nomex material.
The cool vest or ice jacket is made from materials specifically designed to cool the body. The inner lining is made from a Merino Perform Advantage material, and a micromesh outer with pockets of special non-toxic viscous gel sewn in. The gel has the ability to hold temperature for long periods of time and can be used straight from the freezer, or out of an ice water slurry.


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