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Cooling Vest - Nomex - Fire Resistant S, Cooling Vest - ARCTIC HEAT USA, ARCTIC HEAT USA

Cooling Vest - Nomex - Fire Resistant


Cooling Vest - Nomex - Fire Resistant - ARCTIC HEAT USA
ARCTIC HEAT Nomex Cooling Vest

The Arctic Heat Nomex cool vest is made out of Nomex fire resistant material.

The cooling vest is ideal for people who require a lightweight cooling vest in fire resistant material. Suitable for activities likes welding and motor sports.

A firm fit is best. Should be worn against the skin, or very close to the skin.
  •  Lightweight - from 2.2 pounds
  • Constructed with quality cooling materials.
  •  Can be  re-cooled in minutes.
  •  Lowers skin temperature
  • Works in hot and humid conditions.
  • Will stay cold for up to 2 hours.
  • May improve performance

Please choose the correct size.
The cooling vest should be a firm fit. Measured around the chest. If you are
in-between sizes we would recommend the smaller size.
Sizing Chart - Chest measurement
    S - 35 inches
    M - 37 inches
    L - 39 inches



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