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Dexter Phase Change PCM Cooling Vest M / 59F-Blue, PCM cooling vest - Inuteq, ARCTIC HEAT USA
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Dexter Phase Change PCM Cooling Vest with cool packs


Dexter - INUTEQ PAC® PCM Cooling Vest - TUAQ

Redesigned for Summer 2018 - Constant Temperature Cooling

Inside the TUAQ Phase Change vest there are 4 pockets for the bio-based PCM cooling packs. Buckles allow tight fit, while being stored safely in the pockets of the vest.

The cooling packs which provide constant temperature cooling are available in 2 different cooling temperatures 59°F Blue / 70°F Yellow. The Blue 59°F packs will provide 90 minutes of cooling in typical warm conditions, the Yellow 70°F will provide about 2 hours of cooling. Each Dexter vest is supplied with a set of 4 packs. Selected which combination of cooling temperature and cooling duration is best for your circumstances.

Reactivation is easy. Switch to a new set of packs (purchased separately) or reactivate the original packs by putting these in a refrigerator, a freezer or ice water. In some circumstances the packs are activated by the ambient temperature and you do not need to provide any external cooling. Day long cooling can occur with an additional set of packs, by using one set of cooling packs and then re-activation the 2nd set in a fridge/freezer/ice water, and swapping the cooling packs when the cooling has exhausted.

The re-activation time depends on which type of PCM cooling packs have been purchased (59°F Blue / 70°F Yellow). As an example the PCM 59°F Blue cooling packs takes about 20 minutes in Ice Water, 45 minutes in the freezer and up to 90 minutes in a refrigerator. 

  • Vest made of durable cotton
  • 2 Adjustable velcro waist straps
  • 2 convenient external zip pockets
  • Comes with 4 sustainable PCM inserts
  • Can be re-used over and over again
  • Changing PCM inserts takes less than 2 minutes


Weight: Vest plus packs approx. 4.3 lbs.



Small - 34 inches - 36 inches
Medium - 36.5 inches - 38 inches
Large - 39 inches - 42 inches
XL - 43 inches - 46 inches
XXL - 47 inches - 51 inches
3XL - 52 inches - 55 inches


Suitable for fursuiters, cosplay, actors, mascots, fursuiting cooling vest





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