Cool Down Fire Up with Arctic Heat Ice Vests

Hybrid Sports PCM Cooling Vest - SIKU XS - 33 inch, PCM cooling vest - Inuteq, ARCTIC HEAT USA
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Hybrid Sports PCM Cooling Vest - SIKU


**New for 2018***.

New Hybrid Sports PCM SIKU design by Inuteq. An update and improvement on other available Hybrid cooling vests. New stylish design, soft touch materials.

The Inuteq Hybrid cooling vest is a combination of an evaporative cooling vest and a phase change cooling vest. Evaporative vest - wet and wear & phase change with 4 replaceable inserts. Versatile as can be used as an evaporative cool vest or a Phase change cooling vest or both. Weighs around 4lbs with the cooling packs and vest dry.

Includes a set of Constant Temperature Cooling bio-based PCM cooling packs.  Includes 4 PCM cooling inserts 59F (15 Celsius). Reactivation is easy by placing the packs in a refrigerator, a freezer or ice water. Cooling time is 90 minutes or more. The purchase of a spare set of packs allows for continuous cooling via constant rotation of re-cooled cooling packs.

Sizing - Chest measurement

XS - 33 inch
S - 35 inch
M - 37 inch
L - 39 inch
XL - 41 inch



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