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Industrial Cooling Vest Small/Med 35-41 inch, Cooling Vest - ARCTIC HEAT USA, ARCTIC HEAT USA

Industrial Cooling Vest


Industrial Cooling Vest

The Arctic Heat Industrial cooling vest is designed for applications where more than one person may be using the cooling vest and a greater range of fitment is required.  The Industrial ice vest has tie sides which allow greater flexibility. This product is available in one size - Large/XL (41-49 inch).

The Arctic Heat Ice vest can help to increase workers productivity in hot conditions, or allow workers to continue to operative in hot and oppressive conditions. The industrial ice vest can help to provide safer working conditions in hot working environments.

The Arctic Heat cool vest is ideal for people who require a lightweight cooling vest. Suitable for industrial workers. A firm fit is best. Should be worn against the skin, or very close to the skin. This particular model does not contain the Merino sport wool inner lining.

  •  Lightweight - from 2.2 pounds
  •  Constructed with quality cooling materials
  •  Can be  re-cooled in minutes
  •  Lowers skin temperature
  •  Can also be heated in winter
  •  Works in hot and humid conditions
  •  Will stay cold for up to 2 hours
  •  May improve performance
Sizing Chart - Chest measurement
  Large - 41 - 49 inches



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