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Nike PreCool Vest


The Nike PreCool Vest was made in 2008 for the Beijing Olympics games.

Each triangle is made of two layers to keep it cool. The inner one is filled with water, which is frozen, while the outer layer insulates like a thermos. Coated with aluminum, the triangles also reflect radiant heat working like the coating on mirrored sunglasses. That coating and insulated layer also mean less ice. Even more weight was reduced by making the PreCool Vest refillable. Instead of having to travel with a seven-pound vest pre-filled with liquid, the design team created sealed compartments that athletes fill and freeze before competition.

Nike partnered with a medical supply company to make the actual vest. Each one will be individually tested, and though the engineering that goes into the vests is high tech, they’re being made from sustainable materials.

The precool vest is very large and comes in the its own carrying case.

The precool vest is very heavy at 7 pounds then plus water. A large freezer is also required to be able to place the vest inside. The precool vest is only suitable to sitting around before events as it is too heavy to be able to move about efficiently.

Typically the lightweight Arctic Heat Ice vest is the preferred choice of athletes (including at the 2008 Olympics), however if you have your heart set on the Nike Precool vest then we have it available for you. This product is no longer manufactured.

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