Cool Down Fire Up - 2022


Since 2003 Arctic Heat USA has been selling and distributing the World's favorite Lightweight Body cooling vest or ice vest. Cool Down and Fire Up with Arctic Heat. 

The Arctic Heat cool vest is used to pre-cool or stablize the body's core temperature. Staying cool helps to improve performance as the body doesn't have to work to keep the body cool. As used by elite sports people worldwide from the USA Olympic team, NFL, NBA, Maria Sharapova, Australian Open tennis, Football, Field hockey, Soccer, Lacrosse, Cycling, Tour de France, Time trials, Twenty20 cycling, Team Qhubeka.

The cooling vest is also a favorite with people with Multiple sclerosis due to the lightweight and form fitting. 

Some referred to as a coolingvest, coolvest, cooling suits or cooling jacket. The Arctic heat cool vest is not a phase change cooling vest. The Arctic Heat ice vest is also not considered an evaporative vest. 

The Arctic Heat cooling vest is around half the weight of any other similiar product and is effective in high or low humidity conditions. It can be worn underneath clothing.







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